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Greeting Company profile History
Nov-1949 Founded Tokyo Tokusyu Necco Inc as a manufacturing company of industrial furnaces

Oct-1954 Constructed Saitama plant in Kawaguchi City

Apr-1961 Started production of hydraulic tubes and hydraulic equipment parts at Saitama plant

Jan-1962 Acquired - 36,300m2 land for new plant in Ibaraki

May-1964 Constructed Ibaraki plant and started operation

Apr-1968 Established Oak Rich Corp as a heat treatment service company

Oct-1969 Completed Ibaraki plant as a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

Jan-1972 Started design and production of equipment for environmental preservation

Oct-1974 Constructed headquarters building in Kawaguchi City

Feb-1975 Started production of high temperature vacuum furnaces

Sep-1977 Established NEMS Trading Corp as a sales company of industrial equipment

Dec-1978 Established Tokyo Tokusyu Necco Shirakawa plant as a manufacturer of industrial equipment

Nov-1981 Established Necco transportation Corp as a transportation service company

Aug-1983 Established NEMS Inc through amalgamation of NEMS Trading Corp and Tokyo Tokusyu Necco Shirakawa Plant Corp.

Apr-1984 Developed industrial furnaces for fine ceramics production and released first model

Oct-1986 Established Necco Lease Corp as a lease service company of industrial equipment, Autos, and office equipment

May-1989 Company name changed from Tokyo Tokusyu Necco Inc to Necco Inc

Oct-1990 Established Necco America Corp in U.S as a trading company of industrial equipment and holding company of Appian Manufacturing Corp

Oct-1990 Established Appian Manufacturing Corp in U.S as a manufacturer of hydraulic tubes

Oct-2000 Oak Rich Corp merged into NECCO Inc

Mar-2006 Received ISO14001 certificate for environmental management