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Greeting Company profile History
Necco Inc., a pioneer industrial leader, was founded in 1949 for the purpose of manufacturing industrial furnaces. Since the very beginning, through our superb engineering and technological expertise and knowledge, we have expanded various product lines and businesses such as the fabrication of three dimensional hydraulic tubing, and the design and manufacture of the heat exchanger. We also have developed enviromental management equipment such as exhaust air cleaner, waste water treatment systems, and the smoke incinerator to apply our enviroment conscious philosophy. These advances have led Necco to be recognized as a “great contributor to society.”

We became the first domestic Japanese company to develop the production furnace to handle fine ceramic materials. This was the result of pursuing our slogan, “the latest technology comes from new material.” As a mission of the new industrial era we continuously strive to respond to customers' needs, and to develop new business as a guide to the future.